Action Cleaning Tool Kit - Sinclair Action Cleaning Tool

Tipton Action/Chamber Gun Cleaning Tool Set


Action Cleaning Tool Kit - Action Cleaning Tool - Cotton Rolls

The Sinclair Action Cleaning Tool Kit helps you clean the locking lug recesses, you chamber and bolt ways to ensure a fully cleaned rifle. For more information please visit .

The Bore Tech Action Cleaning Tool is comprised of a 1-piece stainless steel rod with a comfortable no-slip handle. The Bore Tech Action Cleaning Tool is designed to clear most rifle stocks so that the handle is not over the rifle stock or cheek piece. A Delrin guide sleeve allows the tool to be safely centered in your action and prevents any damage to delicate action components. The interchangable lug recess adapter has a slotted head that accepts the cotton rolls.

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Sinclair Action Cleaning Tool Kit

Bore Tech’s Action Cleaning Tool Kit is the industry’s most innovative action cleaning tool that is specifically engineered for meticulous cleaning of a bolt action rifle’s chamber, locking lug recess and action. The patent pending molded rubber wiper eliminates ineffective cotton rolls that fall off in the action and expensive single use felts. Simply spike a patch over the rubber wiper and observe how it perfectly conforms to the action walls providing a thorough and complete cleaning in a fraction of the time.

The Action Cleaning Tool Kit fits most popular 2-Lug Centerfire Bolt Action Rifles with 0.695”-0.700” bolt body diameter. Most Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Browning, Savage and Custom Actions have 0.695”-0.700” bolt body diameter. For actions with 3-Lug Bolts, or Smaller/Larger bolt body diameters such as Weatherby, Sako, Kimber, CZ, etc. the Universal Rubber Wiper would be a better option. The Universal Rubber Wiper is easily trimmed to size for a perfect fit.