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I usually like Arm and Hammer products, but this one is not so good. First of all, the fragrance is a bit too sweet and tangy for me. I like earthier scents. The main problem with this detergent/softener combo though is that it doesn't work very well. It doesn't remove stains or odors from clothing as well as other Arm and Hammer detergents, and it doesn't soften as well as other fabric softening products. What's the point of trying to combine two different products into one when the result is a product that does neither job very well?

Honestly every detergent/softener combination product I've ever tried has disappointed me. This one is no exception. It doesn't clean clothing well at all. I've gotten better results with store brand detergents, and I certainly ALWAYS get better results with regular Arm and Hammer laundry detergent. It barely removes dirt and odors at all. It does add it's own sickly sweet odor to the clothes though. If you don't use a dryer sheet or add additional liquid softener to the load you're still going to get some static in the dryer. It just isn't a very good product.

The scent is super sweet and tangy. It smells a bit like sour candy. I'm not crazy about it.

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    Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergent plus a Touch of Softner is just okay in my opinion. I tried this detergent as it was on sale very cheap at my local store and I had a coupon as well so the price was great. I usually use Tide which is my favorite but it is expensive so I decided to try this one. The touch of softner was nice but could use more than a touch so I added some of my own. The clothes came out clean and had a nice smell but did not seem as clean as when I use my regular detergent. For the price, it is a good detergent but I would not want to use it all the time. When they say a "touch of softner", they mean a "touch". It really needs more. However, if a touch is all you want , then this one is perfect. I could not smell the freshness on the clothes the next day which is why I like my other detergent. I like my clothes to smell fresh and clean and this one only left the clothes smelling that way right when they came out of the laundry but not later. It definitely is good for sensitive skin and does not irritate.

    Church and Dwight is a manufacturer in the United States that produces all sorts of household items. Arm & Hammer is one of the registered trademarks that are owned by Church and Dwight. Initially, the company was only producing baking soda and washing soda. However, in time, it developed so that today, it produces not only laundry detergent, but also toothpaste, deodorants for underarms and even cat litter. The detergent is known to be quite good, so you could always rely on it. The product is especially created to dissolve all the dirt that got stuck inside of your clothes’ weave, clean any unpleasant smells and also give a very pleasant scent to them. Your clothes will be clean and fresh smelling as long as you use the Arm and Hammer detergent.