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One aspect of the present invention is to provide an automatic carpet cleaning machine which is suitable for cleaning relatively large areas of a fibrous floor covering. Another aspect of the present invention is to provide such a carpet cleaning machine which is both inexpensive to manufacture and purchase and which is easy for an operator to use.


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Every car needs regular and proper auto detailing to keep it in good condition and to retain its value. A good interior detailing application involves using superior auto carpet cleaner machines. It also involves removing all types of dirt, dust, grime, and other types of deposits and guarding the interior from scratches and other environmental hazards.

Referring first to FIG. 1, an automatic carpet cleaning machine according to the present invention is generally indicated as 2. Cleaning machine 2 is particularly suited for cleaning carpeting and rugs made from various fibrous materials (e.g. nylon, wool, etc.). More particularly, cleaning machine 2 is designed and suited for cleaning carpeting on a large commercial scale, i.e. for cleaning large carpeted areas such as those customarily found in convention centers, hotel hallways and lobbies, theatre lobbies, and the like. In addition, the carpet cleaning machine 2 according to the present invention is designed for cleaning carpeting in a single pass. It is, therefore, efficient in terms of the amount of labor needed to run the machine and the amount of time necessary to clean a particular carpeted area.