Autosol Metal Polish 3.33 Oz. (75ml) for Harley Davidson Softail


#1000 - Autosol Metal Polish - 75ml Tube

Autosol Metal Polish polish can be used on all metal surfaces. Chrome, brass, copper, nickel, stainless steel, etc. Autosol cleans, polishes, protects and also removes surface rust eg chrome surfaces.. The product can be used for metal polishing and protection of boats.

Autosol Metal Polish gives a brilliant shine and lasting protection. It is suitable for all types of destinations: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, a lamp and candle holders, musical instruments, watches and clocks, metal fixtures, molds, etc.

Autosol Metal Polish - Eastwood

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Autosol Metal Polish 75ml - Halfords | Bikes

Autosol Metal Polish Liquid is particularly effective in removing stubborn stains and oxidation. Not just for automobiles, Autosol Metal Polish is also ideal for candelabras, serving dishes, and other metallic items, with the exception of anodized aluminum. It cleans, polishes, and restores the finish of most metallic items back to their original glory.

"Motorrad Classic" magazine tested various chrome polishes in its 3/2011 issue. Autosol Metal Polish was rated "VERY GOOD" and awarded a "BEST BUY" recommendation. The following features were given special mention:

- Easy to apply and polish with very little effort
- Very quick to use
- A little goes a long way
- Very effective

(four out of twelve products were rated "Very Good"; there was one Best Buy and one Test Winner)