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Bamboo Floor Cleaning Instructions

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You need to understand that a bamboo flooring cleaner can only do so much. To ensure that your floor will remain attractive for many, many years, you must also do your part. Here are some of the things you can do to properly care for your floor:

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    Bamboo flooring is known for needing very little care, cleaning and maintenance. The best way to keep your bamboo floor clean is to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in the first place. Bamboo flooring is durable and hardwearing but by placing doormats outside and inside of all exterior doors, you will help to reduce the amount of dirt, gravel and grit brought onto your floor. In addition to using doormats, all outdoor footwear should be removed before walking on your bamboo floor, especially if they are particularly dirty or wet.

    Now that you finally have a newly installed bamboo floor, your next job is to buy a bamboo flooring cleaner to make sure your floor is properly taken care of. There are numerous cleaning products in the market, and more than a handful of them are designed specifically for wood floors. When shopping for one, keep in mind to buy a cleaner that does not leave any residue after applying it on the floor. Wax may work for hardwood but it isn't advisable for bamboo. Additionally, opt for green cleaning products because these things do not contain any toxic substances. You can order a bamboo flooring cleaner on the Web or you can buy one from a local store.