Q: Can I bath in bleach water?

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Eczema and Your Child So what is eczema and why is that you would want to put bleach patches on your child’s skin or have them soak in a bath of bleach? The online eczema center compares a bleach bath at home to swimming in a pool but will parents correctly mix the solution and aren’t may pools trying to switch from bleach to ? Besides and companies like Clorox have ultra bleach with high concentrates. Seems like a dangerous prescription for a doctor to give and easy mistake for concerned parents to make. I guess that is why I worry because when you go to a public pool the chemicals are measured (hopefully correctly) and tested for safe levels. Both my daughter and my niece suffer from eczema so I understand the frustration and wanting to help your child. According to eczema is:

No, taking a bath with bleach has not been show to help with psoriasis. Bleach baths are sometimes recommended for specific types of eczema, but it has not been proven helpful for psoriasis.

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Dermatitis:I do not recommend bathing in bleach - bleach is an irritant to the skin and may make your worse. If your reaction to sumac is widespread, you may need oral and antihistamines. If so, see your doctor. If you have a in only a small area, apply over the counter , a thin layer daily. You can take an OTC daily for itching.