Bathroom Drain Opener - Drain Out

Drain Cleaner & Septic Tank Treatment - Drain Opener - 1 Year Supply - Safe Natural Enzymes Clean Pipes - Stop Sewer Smell & Toilet Overflow - For Bathtub Shower & Kitchen PlumbClear


A safe drain opener and maintainer that really works

DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener can easily be used for preventative maintenance, simply follow regular household drain maintenance instructions.

Never mix drain or household chemicals! DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener cannot be mixed with any other chemical drain opener. Mixing chemicals may result in a violent reaction.

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  • Hercules 20-450 Glug® Liquid Bathroom Drain Opener - 32oz.
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    No, when DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener is present in a drain, that drain should NEVER be plunged due to risk of dangerous splash back. Serious injury may result.

    To use DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener in a regular household drain, simply, remove the standing water from the sink and pour half a bottle of DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener directly into the drain. Allow product to work for 15 min then flush drain with warm water.