Woodmouse Beeswax Wood Polish Recipe:

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Recipe for Natural Beeswax Wood Polish - The Magic Onions

Areas that become scuffed or marked can be easily repaired by gently rubbing the damaged area with a scotch pad or similar abrasive material, then re-applying the beeswax wood polish to the damaged area for an invisible repair.

If using an electric drill to buff the polish to a sheen it's important to let the bristles of the brush do the work. Pushing down on the spinning brush while buffing will strip the Beeswax wood polish from the surface of the wood.

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    Not being one to wait around I am having a go at making some beeswax wood polish for our mates at Raw Vintage. Hard to decide exactly what ingredients or ratios to use but here are some guidelines that will hopefully keep me between the lines.

    Apply the beeswax wood polish sparingly, working on small areas at a time. Recommendation for bare wood is 2-3 coats or 1-2 coats for pre-finished wooden surfaces, additional coats can be applied if required. Surfaces are normally re-coated every 12-18 months, although many people re-wax on a more regular basis. Additional coats of polish will offer an improved patina.