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Betadine functions as a topical solution

Rubbing alcohol is the best agent for betadine stain removal. Most households have rubbing alcohol on hand. If you do not, then it can be purchased for just a few dollars from nearly any local drug store or grocery store. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is meant to clean cuts and scrapes the same as betadine, but it can break apart betadine stains. If you do not have rubbing alcohol on hand, then peroxide can be used as a great substitute. Three percent hydrogen peroxide is perfect for drawing out a betadine stain, but is diluted enough not to permanently damage any clothing. If you have ammonia in your home, that can be used for betadine stain removal as well, particularly a non-sudsing ammonia.

Before you begin the process of removing betadine stains you need to pre-treat your clothing. Should the chemical get on your clothing and begin to stain, it is important that you begin flushing the affected area with cold water. Stay away from hot water in this case because hot water will permanently set in the stain, making betadine stain removal impossible. If your clothing is stained and you are unable to flush the stain, then blot it with a paper towel in order to absorb as much as possible. It is important that you do not rub the area because this can cause the stain to set and then spread to other areas of your clothing. If your clothes are dry-clean only, then the items should be taken directly to your cleaners to remove betadine stains.


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Betadine Stain Remover is a highly effective, ready-to-use natural solution that neutralizes Betadine and iodine-based antiseptic stains and converts them into water. It rapidly dissolves Betadine stains from most fabrics, including carpets, uniforms, scrubs and all clothing. Quickly removes stains from floors, tiles, countertops, tables and more.

Betadine Stain Remover not only removes Betadine and iodine-based spills and stains, it also neutralizes the Betadine solution. It chemically transforms Betadine and other iodine-based products into water. Betadine Stain Remover breaks down Betadine spills and stains into microscopic particles that disperse and repel one another. The particles are then easy to remove and less likely to re-adhere to the cleaned surfaces. The molecular structure of these particles is so small they can forcefully penetrate molecules of daunting spills and stains for quick and easy removal.

Ready-to-use, Betadine Stain Remover requires no measuring or mixing. For laundry, use as a pre-spray, applying Betadine Stain Remover directly on stained fabric before normal washing. For carpets, upholstery and fabrics, apply Betadine Stain Remover directly on stained areas. Gently scrub with a clean cloth or brush, then blot with a clean, white absorbent cloth to soak up the stain. For countertops, tile and floor surfaces, apply Betadine Stain Remover directly on the stained area. After stain is neutralized, blot with a clean, white absorbent cloth and rinse with water.

All-natural formula contains enzymes, plant extracts and water. 12 oz. spray bottle.

How to Remove a Betadine Stain From Clothing | eHow

If any of the items which need betadine stain removal are silk, such as a silk blouse or chair, it should be taken to a professional immediately to remove betadine stains. If you are using rubbing alcohol, it is important not to let it soak into the backing of the carpet because it will ruin the bond which holds the carpet together. If your carpet is wool, avoid the use of bleach or ammonia on it and instead use color-safe bleach after you have tested a small area to ensure that it will not discolor the carpet. If you have an oriental rub which is an antique or even part silk, a professional should be contacted to remove betadine stains from it.

Betadine functions as a topical solution. It is used to kill germs. If your family has children, then you are likely acquainted with this chemical, as it is often applied directly to the skin if a cut or scrape occurs. Betadine is an element based in iodine. This means that if it comes into contact with clothing, it will likely leave a stain. Betadine stain removal can be very tricky if you do not know how to remove betadine stains. With a few home ingredients, you can create an at-home betadine stain removal process which will not leave any permanent damage.