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Bleach: The 3rd Phantom - Nintendo DS


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Bleach The 3rd Phantom is a tactical RPG, similar in design to something like Final Fantasy Tactics, although stripped down. The main differences are that you do not get damage boosts from attacking behind or to the side of enemies like you do in FF Tactics, and in Bleach each time you engage in direct combat the game switches to a 2D fighting style screen – although the characters are not controllable during this. Also, Bleach The Third Phantom uses a system where most characters give a boost to adjacent allies. Usually they assist either with defence or attack, at the selection of which they will pop up in the 2D animated sequences and either bust a move, or block an attack. The map terrains are less challenging than you would find in FF Tactics, however the maps in Bleach The Third Phantom do include lay-lines of reishi, or spirital pressure, that can be drawn into the character by selecting ‘Pressure’. This powers up attack, allows the use of Bankai and other super-moves and even means that you can perform a team attack, which is pretty much two characters that are good friends kicking the butts of the bad guys in unison. Oh yeah, and there is also an affinity mechanic in the game, but more on that later.

I love playing games that belong to frachises. Being able to muck around in a world that I am already familiar with makes these kinds of games so much more immersive to me. If I love the franchise, it usually means that I will view games based in it through rose-tinted glasses. That’s not to say that I don’t know a cash-grab when I see it, and there are plenty of those around, but I will be able to overlook some of the shortcomings that would normally hold me back from enjoying a game. That’s not to say either that just because it’s a franchise game it will automatically mean that it is a bad game. The most obvious example of this are games based on Star Wars like Knights of the Old Republic, Republic Commandos and Jedi Outcast, these are all excellent games. Bleach The 3rd Phantom is not an excellent game, but it is an excellent Bleach game.

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Bleach the 3rd Phantom is the third game in the DS series based on the popular anime and manga, it is a departure from the usual formula, instead being a Strategy RPG. The game progression is done through a mode called free time, where the chosen main character interacts with various heroes from the show.