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Should i use bleach my dark black skin?
Should I bleach my black skin because people always made fun of me because i am dark black. Light skin get more attention and better jobs and opportunities. When i am at school people always made fun of my dark skin. No one at school want to be friend cause they said i am dark and they said if touch i meant turn them black. Everyone hate me cause i am dark. Why god made me dark. What is best bleaching cream for African America that lighten skin up to bey-once or marah Carey competition. If i bleach my skin will i get a better job and people will like me and i get friends.

Should I bleach my my dark black skin?
I want to bleach my black skin to light skin because lot of people always made fun of my black dark skin. Every-time i go to school someone always made fun about i am black and how black i am. No one at school wants to be friend it like everyone hate me for begin dark skin. They said dark skin people are ugly,gay and they hair is nappy. Why do light skin people and white people get treated better and have better life and jobs. They get the good looking men and woman. No girl like me cause they say i am dark skin black and they only like puerto Rican,white and light skin black guys and girls. I feel ashamed to be dark skin black cause i think it is ugly and we get treated bad. Why god couldn’t made me Hispanic or white i would have better life and have friends. So there any pills or creams that made me light skin and what is call

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ack in the days prior to the Civil Rights Movement, bleaching black skin was an accepted taboo. Advertising in major black magazines like Ebony and Jet, use to extol the benefits of using bleaching creams. The message was clear: You were prettier, more acceptable to society and desirable to men if your skin was lighter and brighter.

Safest way to bleach dark black skin, without risking cancer?
i’ve had enough weird, strange looks from people to last me a lifetime. What’s the safest way to become about 2 shades lighter, so I’m back to my original skin tone (as I have blotches of dark and lighter shades of brown)?