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Clorox 2 Liquid Concentrated Color Safe Bleach - Free & Clear - 33 oz - 2 pk


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When there is a need to brighten brights and whiten whites the Coin Laundry and Laundromat industry counts on chlorine free Clorox 2® powder bleach for colors. It cleans better than laundry detergent alone, brightening colors and removing tough stains for the purest clean and won't splash. Clorox 2 is a specifically formulated powder laundromat bleach that is proven to be safe on colors and fabrics and for use in HE (high efficency), front load, and top load washing machines. Clorox 2 chlorine free powder bleach for colors is packed in 2 ounce vending size boxes for single load use, 154 units per case.

That’s right: Bleach removes the color of grass, ketchup, blood, carrots, and a lot of other common food and vegetable stains by reacting with the π bonds responsible for the color of these molecules.

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