10. You Shall Not Covet an Unattainable Hair Color.

Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit 40 Volume.


How to Bleach Your Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide: 10 Steps

Sun is known to cause tanning on the skin when it is exposed nude. Not may people know that besides healthy tanning, mild to moderate exposure to the sun rays is yet another natural way to bleach hair without causing any significant damages. Of course, that does not mean that you will not apply sunscreen lotion on your skin. Unsafe or nude regions of the skin may experience tanning nevertheless mild to moderate sun rays.

Soaking the hair in chlorinated water can bleach hair, however, to a minor extend. The effects of this natural means to bleach hair can only be observed when the body and scalp hair are let loose under the sun for drying.

How to Bleach Your Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Bleach powder. This comes in either packets or tubs; it can be more economical to buy a tub if you're planning on bleaching your hair more than once.
  • Crème developer. If your hair is blonde or light brown, use a 20 or 30 volume developer. If your hair is black or very dark, you may need 40 volume developer, but this is very damaging so try to avoid if possible. The lower the volume, the less damaging it is to hair.
  • Toner. If you want to go platinum, you'll need toner, which takes the yellow color out of bleached hair. Some toners make hair white, and some give a silvery effect.
  • Red Gold Corrector. This is added to the bleach powder to increase its effectiveness, so you don't have to bleach twice. If you have long, thick hair, you may need two tubes of corrector.
  • Neutral protein filler. This product helps replenish the proteins that are stripped from your hair during the bleaching process.
  • Shampoo made specifically for bleached hair.
  • A tint brush (for applying products), a bowl, and plastic wrap.

3 Ways to Bleach Hair Blonde - wikiHow

If you’re headed to the pool, know that high levels of chlorine in the water can react with your bleached hair and actually turn it a light shade of green. Yes, we’re serious—but don’t fret; just spritz on a leave-in conditioner a couple of minutes beforehand, like this one from Parlor ($24, ), and you’ll be in the clear. It acts as a barrier, preventing your hair from absorbing the harsh chemicals.

To be honest, I had never even heard of such coconut oil hair magic until a commenter tipped me off on my magical rainbow pastel hair . I did some further research, curious about this mysterious method that left bleached hair healthy-looking and soft. My hair has been cursed with a slight crunch for years as a result of constant bleaching, and I am always eager to try anything to get a slightly softer texture back.