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Anime Midwest 2014 Larping Battle 1 (Bleach) - YouTube

If you wish to indulge in a fight by being influenced with the Strider of Lord of the rings, but you are hesitant of doing so for the fear of hurting yourself, then we would say you have arrived at the just right place! Being highly experienced in providing an excellent range of weaponry, Global Gear has gained popularity over a period of time for being the most reliable larp weapons dealer in Australia.

This Licensed Bleach LARP Sword belongs to the well known character, Renji Abarai. This replica Renji Sword is constructed from a high density foam, making this a great foam sword for Live Action Role Playing and Cosplay. Since it is constructed of foam, this sword is also safe as a prop for theatrical productions or to complete a kids costume. This Foam Bleach Renji Sword will also impress with its size of 39 inches overall.

Anime Midwest 2014 Larping Battle 1 (Bleach) caralon3105

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Waaa it's already up! You're soo dedicated Val!^^ Good luck on the next larp guys!

btw I won't be joining because I don't like any of the characters sowwies.^^

Oh oh and Ryocha I want pics of you as Yumichika!!!
Bleach LARP - Ise Nanao aka Ice Maiden :P