• Kill any mildew or mold with bleach or a mildew product.

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US Government regulations (21 CFR Part 178) allow food processing equipment and food contact surfaces to be sanitized with solutions containing bleach, provided that the solution is allowed to drain adequately before contact with food, and that the solutions do not exceed 200 parts per million (ppm) available chlorine (for example, one tablespoon of typical household bleach containing 5.25% sodium hypochlorite, per gallon of water).

Although Bleach has a huge list of problems I was still hooked until the last cannon arc because the concept of Bleach was so interesting. The Soul Society and the captains are the main reason I continued to watch the show. The most annoying part of Bleach for me was its lack of explanation and logic for powers, Ichigo's friends that shouldn't have existed, especially Orehime and the fact that the main characters can just come full circle and defeat a character that should be way above them in terms of power.

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As for Madara – i knew he’d find a loop-hole but is he unkillable now or sumthin??!! Tsunade’s closer was pointless but Dan’s ghost technique had sooooo much potential kind of a waste of badass jutsu….now which kage is gonna bite the dust first………..

In the final arc, an army of Quincies known as the appear and declare their own war on the Soul Society, after enslaving the Arrancars. The group is led by Yhwach, the ancient progenitor of the Quincies who was once worshipped as a god on earth. Yhwach has returned from long hibernation in the afterlife, and seeks to kill the Soul King like Aizen. In their first invasion, the Wandenreich killed many Soul Reapers with Head Captain Yamamoto among the deceased. Furthermore, as Uryū is recruited into the Wandenreich, Ichigo learns the truth that his abilities as both a Visored and a Fullbringer were because his mother was a Quincy who was indirectly affected by Aizen's experiments. After coping with the revelation, Ichigo and his friends aid the Soul Society in fighting the Wandenreich's second invasion as Yhwach proceeds to reach the Soul King's Palace in the ensuing chaos and, eventually, slays the Soul King. It is revealed that Uryu joined the Wandenreich as a means to get close to Yhwach, who was responsible for the death of his mother among other Quincies, and joins with Ichigo to fight the elite Quincies. In the final battle, Yhwach returns to the Soul Society in order to conquer it once and for all, but is met by Aizen who joins Ichigo, Renji, and Uryu. With the help of Ryuken Ishida's Still Silver, Uryu and Ichigo ultimately defeat Yhwach. Years later, Rukia becomes the new captain of the thirteenth company and has a daughter with Renji named Ichika. Aizen, who has been returned to his prison, has a monologue in which he offers a rebuttal to Yhwach's vision of a world without death, saying that without fear of death courage could not exist. Ichigo and Orihime have a son named Kazui, who is training to become a Soul Reaper like him.