Bleach Ulquiorra Plush Doll *FREE SHIPPING*

Great Eastern Bleach - 8" Kon Lion Plush


This Bleach Sado plush toy is an official, licensed product

Proper restoration and repair will not decrease the value of a collectible plush toy. The eyes can be replaced, noses and mouth threads replaced, paw pads replaced with like materials, ears and limbs can be replaced if missing, and joints can be re-done if they are loose. Torn seams can be repaired, growlers and squeakers can be replaced or sometimes repaired, and careful cleaning can remove dirt and restore the fur to a soft fluffy feel. Stuffing can be added or replaced as needed with like materials to bring your beloved friend back to life.

Oil and dirt can increase the effects of matting, so giving your plush a goodcleaning can help restore some of it's original fluffiness. One can also brush the fur with an ultra fine pet brush, however, this runs the risk ofactually pulling out the hairs, so don't do this everyday, and don't try it onvaluable plush!

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