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When used as part of a whole plan or program of skin lightening products, skin bleaching serum is usually more effective. This is because the melanin production in the skin is inhibited at multiple points. Through the use of soap, skin bleaching serum, lotions, and other components in the program, the skin is protected from UV rays via sunscreen while melanin production is simultaneously inhibited through the active ingredients in the serum. This multi-modal approach greatly increases the chance that individuals with varying skin types and body chemistry can expect similar results. While few products guarantee specific results, many manufacturers offer a warranty that should you not get any results, they will provide a refund.

Just as the same perfume does not smell exactly the same on every person, skin bleaching serum results will vary widely. There are, in fact, some people who will get little, if any results no matter which they use. In these cases, the assistance of a medical professional may be needed so the patient can access laser peels and cryosurgery to deal with their blemish. Others may notice drastic results from a particular skin bleaching serum, while still others only notice slight improvements.

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I first started using the BodyBleach serum 6 weeks ago and so far I am impressed. My skin is brighter, even toned and a lot clearer. I particularly like the fact that you supply it in large 8 oz bottles which allows me to apply it everywhere and which lasts a lot longer than other products I have used in the past. Please send...
- G. N.,  Atlanta GA

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Your use of skin bleaching serum will depend on the reason behind wanting to lighten your skin. For example, if you simply want to lighten the freckles on your cheeks to make them less noticeable, a skin bleaching serum may be the only product you need. Likewise, you may find that a skin bleaching serum is unnecessary as skin bleaching soap works just fine. The one thing you should understand is that not everyone will have the same results from the same skin bleaching serum. Skin type, body chemistry, and the blemish to be lightened all play important roles in how your body responds to different products.

Skin bleaching serum is normally part of an entire plan for lightening skin areas. It may be sold as part of a kit, or recommended for use with other products such as soaps, creams, or other topical preparations. Skin bleaching serum may also be used alone, as with products such as Nur76 and Dermaline. However, many manufacturers of skin bleaching serum recommend its use as part of an entire program of skin lightening products and processes. For example, a skin bleaching serum might be used on particularly dark spots while skin bleaching soap is used all over the face or body.