How to bleach your skin naturally

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How To Bleach Your Skin - Whitening Cream Reviews

In an interview with Encomium Magazine some years back, Pela insisted that his products are not harmful to the skin of his clients. He said: “We do our creams with herbs and fruits for brightening and maintenance. We have whitening creams, lightening and maintenance cream for a naturally fair person. We have caramel for dark people who want to glow and do not want to bleach their skin. We have pink lip treatment. We also handle bump control for men and some other personal women products.

With so much served in their plates already, bleaching the skin should be the least thing in the minds of Nigerian youths, but that doesn’t in any way suggest that they should go about looking all haggard and unkempt.

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  • How to Gently Bleach Your Skin Naturally

    Sometimes, a lot of women embark on the process of bleaching their skins in order to look prettier and more attractive to the male folks who on their own parts, may not be making any effort to impress them in return.

    Some have curled into their shells out of low self esteem that emanated from the colour of their skin and will gladly take up the option of bleaching their skin in order to boost their self confidence.