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DIY Carpet Bleach Stain Repairs

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Our Local “Hand’s-On” Service is available within many Southern California areas. We can complete your carpet bleach and pet stain restoration issues for you We would be happy to give you an estimate on any local Hand’s-On” service that you may need. Just give us a call today. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Our carpet bleach stain repair process saves our customers the headaches and financial burden of carpet replacement. Our process saves 70%-80% over cost of replacing carpets. Our color technicians use the latest technology in dyes to match carpet colors and perform permanent bleach spot repairs. Our carpet dyeing process uses the latest non toxic, fast setting permanent dyes so the carpet can be put in service within minutes of application.

Carpet Bleach Stains Repair and Corrections

Carpet Bleach Chemical Stains Repair And Results