Let us know if the bleach pregnancy test works for you

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Yay! You're now following bleach test strips in your .

I tried the bleach test, and it said positive, i Hope its wrong because im too young but it will also be a life lesson, thank you though for helping me find out.

I just tried the bleach test and although it fizzled up over the top of the cup, it took a bout a minute. Wasn’t really timing but seemed to have taken a while. Could this be my positive I’ve been hoping for? Been ttc for over a year now =

Just did bleach test and the results are very clear

  • Angela December 13, 2013 at 1:22 am - Reply

    O.K. to start off I got my tubes tied 11 years ago. I been having pregnancy symptoms so I did the bleach test it bubbles majorly and had froth for a long time. I had my 11 yr old daughter do it and all hers did was bubble, sooo I will follow up with a hpt.

  • Im nine days late i took the bleach test and it fizzled a lot

    So just did the bleach test used a tall cup foamed right away. I had a bout of a stomach bug this week so with both I will be picking up a test on my way home tomorrow. So till then no coffee or tea.

    I was just wondering how many people had a positive bleach test & really ended up being pregnant? Please comment back. I have been trying forever & I had a positive bleach test but I’m scared to get a negative home test.