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Gentle Skin Brightening Cream: Skin Lightening & Whitening from 4 Natural Plant Extract Skin Lighteners & Exfoliating Agents. Effective Safe Bleaching Substitute to Hydroquinone for Even Skin Tone


with hydrogen peroxide being the active bleaching agent.

Salt: Salt on its own is not a very strong bleaching agents. But when mixed with lemon or vinegar, it increases their bleaching power.

Only six releases into existence and Avian expand operations with sub label Mira, launched with a remit of releasing "stuff that doesn't fit with the general aesthetic of Avian, be that experimental techno stuff, noise, and drone or industrial pieces." Much like the label's owners Shifted and Ventress operate under a cloak of mystique, little is known of Bleaching Agent, the producer granted the honour of the debut release on Mira, though the four tracks (and two locked grooves) that make up this debut release really set the standard. Entitled Part One - which hopefully means there is more Bleaching Agent to come - you can understand why Shifted and Ventress felt they needed a new outlet to release this material as it's much more grainy and experimental than Avian output thus far, though its soul is still very much steeped in techno. The knackered rhythms of Stott spring to mind immediately on "22ml" while "33ml" sounds like Powell playing dirty in Berghain.

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  • Why hydrogen peroxide is used as a bleaching agent

    Flour bleaching agent is a food additive added to flour in order to make it appear whiter (freshly milled flour has a yellowish tint) and to oxidize the surfaces of the flour grains and help with developing of gluten.

    Bleaching Agent is Al Matthews, who has been releasing music under other names since around 2002. Under this moniker he makes experimental techno. He ...