Here is how to bleach upper lip hair at home

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Should you wax or bleach upper lip hair

While upper lip hair removal methods such as threading and waxing are good for those with darker, coarse skin, bleaching works well for women with light fine hairs. Provided the appropriate facial bleach is used, this method can also be used to remove upper lip hair by women with sensitive skin. It is painless and gentle. Bleaching upper lip hair at home is an affordable and quick method to make get rid of that annoying moustache.

The best bleach for upper lip hair is sold in facial hair bleaching kits in drugstores, beauty stores and pharmacies. In the kit, you will find a container of bleach cream and another containing an activator. You will also find mixing trays and a spatula to help mix up ingredients while reducing the mess. While bleaching to remove upper lip hair is quick and affordable, you have to keep in mind that this method is temporary and does not actually remove hair.

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    Are you looking for how to bleach upper lip hair without chemicals or using special dyes at home? Should you wax or bleach upper lip hair. There are many methods of removing or making upper lip hair less noticeable. Bleaching is one of them. It is not exactly a method of hair removal – it simply reduces the appearance of upper lip hair. Below, learn how to bleach upper lip hair at home with before and after pictures to show you how effective this method of upper lip hair removal is.

    Waxing is considered a fast and effective way of getting rid of upper lip hair. It is however a bit aggressive and if done too regularly, it can make the skin above the lips to become dark with time. Waxing is also known to be quite painful and one some occasions one can get flushing of the face and skin irritation. At the same time, bleaching upper lip hair is safe and not as fast. This method however, if not done properly, hair can become too light making it appear too artificial and even more noticeable.