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Blood Buster Blood Stain Remover

There was a faint ring of blood around the stained area, but I treated that with a bit more of the Carbona blood stain remover, and then threw the mattress pad into the washer and when I took it out the stain was completely gone. Not a trace left that I could see.

However, I've had several additional occasions since then when I've used Carbona blood stain remover on my blood stained clothes and each time I have gotten excellent results, similar to the first time.

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This blood stain remover is only designed to work on clothing, such as either washable or dry clean only fabrics, but not on leather, suede, silk, acetate, carpet or .

Hint: If the spot has dried onto the upholstery, brush off as much of the dried blood as possible before you begin using the blood stain removal solution.