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What if you never had to deal with glass surfaces smudged with fingerprints again? These Fuller Brush glass cleaners effectively wipe away smears, dirt, grease, grime, and more from surfaces like windows, mirrors, or windshields! Find eyeglass cleaner to take care of smudged lenses on your glasses, binoculars, or camera lenses. Keep all of your glass surfaces crystal clear and streak-free with these helpful Fuller Brush glass cleaners.

FIG. 4 is a perspective view of an alternative embodiment of the bottle brush glass cleaner showing a brush using a hollow center rod and means for delivering water to the end of the bottle brush/glass cleaner.

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Previously, inventors have designed bottle brushes or glass washers which were mounted on metal handles and which required the user to hold a jar or glass in one hand and the bottle brush in the other, thereby making its use cumbersome. Other inventors have designed tumbler and bottle washers designed to fit inside a glass, with a provision whereby water is routed through the handleof the bottle washer and into the tumbler or bottle in the area of the bristles. Other inventions have been directed at the production of bottle brushes or glass cleaners designed to be permanently affixed for use in kitchens or restaurants. None of the prior art of which applicant is aware teaches a bottle brush/glass cleaner having the unique structure and features of the present invention.