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The Carpet Express C-4 carpet cleaner extractor has been rented for years by professional carpet cleaners and homeowners alike. It does a spectacular job of cleaning carpet, upholstery, (upholstery kit included) stairs in houses, boats, airplains, motorhomes, cars and trucks. Just fill the bucket with the hottest tap water you have add the cleaning solution (7in1 is recommended) pour into the Carpet Express carpet cleaner. start cleaning! capacity is 4 gallons.

When it comes down to it, many homeowners do not see the purpose of buying one of these products. This is undeniably a mistake and is usually brought about, due to their failure to look at the whole picture. There is no doubt that some carpet cleaning extractors can be costly, but others are not. Regardless of the price, obtaining a suitable carpet extractor can provide you with an abundance of benefits and conveniences, which aren’t available with other carpet cleaning machines. Below, you will learn about the best reasons for investing in a carpet extractor.

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Although vacuum cleaners and steam mops can eliminate some bacteria, they are slightly ineffective, when compared to the performance turned in by carpet cleaning extractors. In this category, these machines are much more efficient and utilize a combination of heat and suctioning power to eradicate those stubborn allergens and bacteria from your home. If you are the type of individual, who has a lot of allergic reactions throughout the year, a carpet extractor can very well provide you with a prolonged period of relief.

Although it is true that any carpet extractor can provide you with innumerable benefits, it is essential to know that not all extractors are made equal. There are numerous differentials between each model, and they are all unique in one way or another. Rushing out and purchasing the first carpet cleaning extractor you come across could be a major mistake. With this in mind, it is essential to investigate each machine, their benefits, and their cons. Below, you’ll find information, which can help make choosing the best carpet extractors and cleaners for your requirement much easier.