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A carpet steam cleaner is certainly a formidable cleaning machine whenit comes to commercial and industrial carpet cleaning. These units havethe rugged cleaning power needed to tackle some of the toughestcleaning applications. Unfortunately, a carpet steam cleaning machineoften gets confused with a steam cleaner. Both these units are greatcleaning machines on their own, but they are two very different kindsof machines.

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    Each of Daimer®’s XTreme Power® XPH-9350-250 carpet shampooers provides advanced levels of performance with rated air flows of 94 liters per second and water lifts of 381 centimeters. The carpet steam cleaner machines also include large tanks for solution and recovery, and lengthy hoses for solution and vacuum heads.

    The Daimer® only carpet wands use weight minimizing plastics for ease of use. The plastics also offer a special sealing composite that allows the suction face to better grip rug/carpet fibers for better performance. The improved suction increases the vacuum capabilities of the machine to the equivalent of an additional vacuum motor. (The carpet steam cleaner machines come with two vacuum motors.)