I will try these cement stain removers.

Concrete and Driveway Cleaner by TERMINATOR-HSD (10oz)


Weiss CSR Cement Stain Remover | SteinTec | ESI Building Design

- Wear suitable protective clothing.
- Brush or spray neat Cement Stain Remover (CSR) on the affected area.
- Constantly brush the affected area vigorously until the stain has gone. A second application may be needed for stubborn stains.
- Do not allow CSR to dry on the surface.
- Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water after cleaning.

Don't dilute CSR, or allow it to dry on the surface.

CSR is an acid-based cleaner. Always test an inconspicuous area beforehand. Do not use CSR on marble, limestone and some types of sandstone.

Cement stain removal can be a frustrating and challenging process until now. For the most part cement is an abrasive material and it seems to find its way onto the most delicate surfaces. There are a few great ways to gently remove cement stains from these surfaces.

CLR Pro CL-4PRO Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover

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The secret is to draw the stain out of the concrete

Cement Stain Remover – Removes cement stains from internal and external natural stone surfaces. Suitable for most types of granite and acid-resistant natural stone and man-made paving and flooring elements such as ceramic tiles and terracotta. Do not use CSR on marble, limestone and some types of sandstone.

How it works

It is a blend of acid and surfactants, which acts quickly to dissolve surface cement residues and hold them in solution. The cement residue suspension is rinsed away. CSR Cement Stain Remover is specifically formulated to work with hard natural stone and concrete paving and, unlike some generic acid cleaners, does not contain colorants or other additives that may stain surfaces.

After using CSR, thoroughly clean surfaces with water and Grundreiniger. Future staining may be guarded against by the use of a water-based impregnator such as StainProtect PROFI.


• Economical and effective cleaning of cement residue after construction
• Removes cement staining and efflorescence

Cement Stain removal can be simple depending on the type of surface you need to remove the stains from. All cerement and plaster are made from an Alkaline compound and can be easily removed with a few different products. In this article you will find many different solutions to cement stain removal that should put your mind at ease.