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Wouldn’t it be better to just avoid the chemical carpet cleaning methods used by so many companies? believes there are safer, better ways to clean carpets. Our cleaning method starts with green cleaning solutions that are carefully designed and tested to be absolutely effective without having to rely on harsh chemicals. One of our core cleaning products has even received the EPA’s coveted Safer Choice label.

For those not wanting to buy a , Eco-Green® is the best option of environmentally-friendly carpet cleaners that do not require a machine. Eco-Green ® removes more carpet stains than harmful carpet cleaning chemicals in the industry. The green cleaning chemical removes carpet cleaning stains that would require a number of separate carpet spot cleaning chemicals from other brands. Ecologically friendly with savings up to and over $200.00 by using one gallon of Daimer's Eco-Green® carpet shampoos is simply too irresistible to ignore.

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Massive Improvements – There are many innovations made each dawn on chemicals to ensure their safety and to further improve their effectiveness in removing dirt. Currently, chemical polymer cleaners have been introduced which they are indeed a milestone to the chemical carpet cleaning community. They use encapsulation to trap dirt and debris. This technique leaves the dirt in crystalline form until they are removed. Polymer cleaners holds the future of carpet cleaning.

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