Cleaning Garden Tools with Steel Wool

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After a long season of garden projects and chores, sometimes we forget to give our tools a good cleaning and proper storage. When we return to our garden sheds in the spring, we find that some of our favorite garden tools are rusted. Read on to learn how to clean rusty garden tools.

Paul Simon, Landscape Horticulturist with the National Gardening Association, describes some simple techniques you can use to clean your garden tools.

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Good gardening requires appropriate tools that are well cared for and operate properly. Much like a chef or surgeon’s equipment, cleaning gardening tools enhances the job at hand and even secures the health of your “patients.” Caring for garden tools will also extend the life of the equipment and save you money down the road. Your springtime check list should include a comprehensive quick guide on how to clean garden tools.

Clean garden tools by first hosing off any dirt clinging to the tines or blades, and then dry the tools completely. Remove any rust with steel wool. Use a sharpening file to hone the tool’s working edges. If wood handles are rough, sand them, then rub them with paste wax.