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Crazy Color Hair Color Bleaching Kit


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Well, I had run out of color-safe bleach because the weather has been so mild, mildew hasn’t been an issue. So, yesterday on our weekly shopping trip I planned to buy the generic color safe bleach, even though it wasn’t on sale. MAN!!! Roughly $7.00 for generic colorsafe bleach. As I was standing there, contemplating how bad it would be to make a certain young man wear moldy smelling clothes, something caught my eye. It was this….

Monitoring bleached oil red color is not the best way to control and predict bleaching performance; the exception being when your process and feedstock are completely stable (consistent). Monitoring the chlorophyll content after bleaching is currently a more common practice for optimizing the bleaching process than monitoring the red color of bleached oils.

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The bleaching process has been known for millennia, ..

Bleach&Color Cream va applicato scegliendo la nuance desiderata in riferimento al colore finale che si vuole ottenere. E’ necessario – importante considerare il punto di partenza è cioè il colore presente sul capello prima del trattamento. Il nuovo sistema di colorazione Bleach&Color Cream si basa su tre azioni colore:

*The good thing about this toner is it is actually good for your hair. It's very moisturizing, so you can drench your entire head in the stuff if you don't want to pick out individual areas for application. It won't hurt the color that bleached out with no brassiness. It will simply brighten and enhance it.