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Looking for a safe formula for your wooden floors? Your search may end with the Pledge Concentrated Wood Floor Cleaner. It's a preventive 4-in-1 formula that functions to clean, shine, restore and protect the appearance of your wood floors. This deep-clean, no-wax formula is an ideal option to clean your floor and get its natural shine back.

Squeaky Concentrate Commercial Floor Cleaner is recommended for cleaning prior to recoating as well as for general maintenance cleaning of wood floors, laminate floors, and synthetic gym floors.

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  • Earth Friendly Products ECOS™ PRO Orange Plus® Concentrated Floor Cleaner/Degreaser
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    Coming in right on the heels of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, the Libman Hardwood Concentrated Floor Cleaner is formulated to be mixed with water for use in a bucket or with the Libman Freedom Dispensing Microfiber Mop. It, too, did a very good job quickly dissolving our sticky soil and scuff marks, and, because it can be diluted, it is a great budget buy. The bottle has a cool, innovative design with a handle for easy carrying and a measuring cup built into the cap. Simply squeeze the bottle to fill the measuring cap with the recommended dose of cleaner and pour it directly into a bucket or the Freedom Mop canister. One bottle makes four gallons of cleaner. This package design prevents spills and eliminates the need for a separate measuring cup.

    32 OZ Concentrate, Plastic Bottle With Pour Top, Marbalex Concentrated Stone Floor Cleaner, Mix With Water To Safely Clean All Stone Surfaces & Textures Without Harming The Natural Crysalline Structure Of Stone, No Rinsing Needed, Great For Marble,...