16 oz. Freedom Concentrated Hardwood Floor Cleaner

OdoBan 936162-G Neutral pH Floor Cleaner Concentrate, 1 Gallon Bottle


Concentrated Floor Cleaner - Hard Floor Care

Restore-A-Floor ® Concentrated Floor Cleaner has been developed by professionals to freshen and maintain floors easily without having to rinse. It is specifically formulated for frequent cleaning of all sealed floor surfaces. This cleaner easily tackles dirt, grease and scuff marks without using harsh chemicals. There is no build-up, dulling or sticky oily residues. This one product saves money; it cleans all sealed floors, cabinets, marble, stone, antiques, doors, paneling, wood, ceramic, and more. This multi-surface cleaner makes it easier for you to save money and get the job done.

A concentrated hardwood floor cleaner designed to maximize the effectiveness of your Freedom Spray Mop. The perfectly measured 1 oz. pre-dosing compartment makes it a snap to fill your Freedom Spray Mop tank. Simply fill the Freedom Spray Mop tank with water. Squeeze the bottle until the top chamber fills with cleaner and add to the tank. Shake and you're ready to mop. Cleans away dirt and grime, leaving a streak-free shine. Saves time and money.

Clean Strike Concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner - Menards

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Clean Strike Concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner - 1 gal

Refill your 2.5 gallon empty container with this Noble Chemical 32 oz. Step and Shine concentrated floor cleaner refill, or dilute it with water in your mop bucket. Thanks to this solution’s powerful, fast-acting formula, it will quickly clean and shine your linoleum, terrazzo, concrete, rubber tile, and other floor types. Plus, it is low foaming, which means it can be used in rotary floor machines and auto scrubbers. This solution is even effective at neutralizing existing harsh cleaner residue, removing hard water films, and dissolving ice melt, the solution cleans and shines in one simple step without harming your floors.

Easily clean all of the floor surfaces in your establishment with Noble Chemical's Step and Shine concentrated floor cleaner kit! Not only is its highly concentrated formula economical to use, it also ships for free!