Homemade Laundry Detergent for Delicates

Woolite Delicate Care Liquid Laundry Detergent - 16 oz - 2 pk


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After spending 35 hours on research, squooshing more than 40 fabric swatches through 22 different detergents, talking to two fabric and detergent experts, and petting and sniffing freshly washed wool until we almost had a contact high, we found that is the best detergent for delicates. It’s more than good enough to unseat the old guard, Woolite, which requires rinsing, feels slimy, and costs much more per wash than our pick.

1. Turn on water tap.

2. Pull out the detergent dispenser up to the end stop.

3. Pour approx. 1 litre of water into chamber II of the detergent dispenser.

4. Pour ½ measuring beaker of detergent into dispenser II. Do not use any special detergents for delicates or woolens (excessive foam).

5. Close the detergent dispenser.

6. Set the programme / Temperature selector to the maximum temperature and start the machine.

7. Turn the programme selector to Off position once program is over / Turn OFF the machine.

Woolite® Extra Delicates Care | Protects all fabric materials

Woolite Extra Delicates Care Detergent | Walgreens

Most people now have a strong need to buy laundry detergents for delicates that are smooth and safe to utilize, but they will feel bewildered as hunting for one with the right brand and flavor. The laundry detergents with many merits of mild washing efficiency and natural ingredients are now available here to select.