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Puracy Natural 10x Liquid Laundry Detergent, Fresh Linen, Sulfate-Free Enzyme Laundry Soap, 192 loads, 24 Ounce Bottle, (Pack of 2)


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All parts included in the montage is a part of the box.(Boiler connection apparatus, detergent suction detergent pumping hoses, Detergent barrel hose downgrade weight, filter and montage parts to the wall.)
Usage Area Industrial Dishwasher Detergent Dosage
Cup Washing Machine Detergent Dosage
Acidic Solution Dosage Transfer of Liquid Food
In the transfer of Liquid Oil and Alikes to the Desired Place.
Is used for all liquid transfers similar to the ones mentioned above.
With this detergent pump always fixed amount of detergent is injected to your dishwasher at the amount that you’ve set.

Turnover setting with Potentiometer /detergent dosage setting
This Detergent Pump is montaged quickly
This Detergent Pump is Light and small
This Detergent Pump without device need transfer membrane change ability
This Detergent Pump needs minimum maintenance
This Detergent Pump has structure of IP 40 protection class
Costless and practical set up opportunity

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Maintaining your pressure washer by having it periodically tuned, regularly checked and changing the pump oil are important for continued performance and equipment longevity. Allowing oil levels to get too low will increase the potential for damage and cause the pressure washer pump to overheat. Dirty oil, or oil that is contaminated with water will also cause problems. Hotsy recommends that pump oil be changed after the first fifty hours of operation and then every three months or 300 hours thereafter. The Hotsy oil offered here is a 10W-40 Non-Detergent Pump Oil, specifically designed for use in Hotsy equipment but will provide protection for just about any brand of pressure washer out there.

Cat Pump Oil is recommended for use on equipment using a Cat pump and this custom blended, premium-grade hydraulic oil contains special additives to fight corrosion, rust and oxidation. Cat pressure washer motor oil is ISO 68 compliant and comes in 21-ounce containers.

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Detergent Pump Working Voltage 220 Volt Ac 50-60 Hz
In the Detergent Pump Spent Maximum Power 55 Watts 0.25 A
Detergent Pump Flow 9ml/min………….250ml/min
When wanted this Detergent Pump has complete turn on/off energy with its electric key

This kind chemical detergent pumps’ transfer membranes need to be changed in every 6-7 months. Transfer membranes sold with fee is available in our inventory.