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I’ve been making my own laundry detergent since the beginning of the year with GREAT results. I have well water, an HE washer, four children (4-12), and a husband who works in construction. I wash nearly all loads with cold water and the soap dissolves just fine and leaves no residue. Our clothes are clean, bright, and smell simply heavenly. I’ve been so convinced by the results that I’ve given a ton of it away to the naysayers and even they were floored by the results. This is the recipe that I use:

I don’t remember reading it in the above comments, but does anyone have any experience using washing soda and baking soda? Not together, I just want to know if you notice a difference. I made laundry detergent using a recipe that called for washing soda, or soda ash, but I could not find it in the store, so I used oxi clean and baking soda instead (still used ivory soap).

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Has anyone else had problems with this detergent causing itchy skin? My family is struggling with my change to this soap. Is that any particular ingredient that may be harsh that I could substitute another ingredient for. I also added (per someone’s suggestion) a box of OxyClean. Could this be the problem? Thanks for any ideas or help.

Hi Matt,
I’ve been looking for exactly this for our new HE machine but I do have what may be a dumb question. We’ve been using liquid detergent as well as liquid fabric softener since we purchased the new machine. There is one ” tray or drawer ” inside the machine with two compartments into which you pour both, shut the tray door, and let the machine do its thing. If I switch over to your powder detergent using the powder receptacle in the machine would I still be able to simultaneously pour the liquid fabric softener into the liquid receptacle without problems ?