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Tide PODS Plus Downy HE Turbo Laundry Detergent Pacs, April Fresh, 61 count


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After having made the 5 gallon amount of laundry detergent I got this sudden sinking feeling in my stomach that being that it is a powder laundry soap that I will end up having all my clothes looking chalky with white powdery stains…those of you that have already used this detergent for washing, have you had this problem or found your clothes coming out chalky looking? I haven’t used my bash of homemade detergent yet I’m afraid to especially after I’ve read in other sites that powdery detergent often leaves hard to remove powdery/chalky residue.

THIS IS JUST THE MOST AMAZING PRODUCT I’VE EVER USED!!!!!!!! Just made my homemade detergent and washed every load with it…2Tablespoons per load, put in my HE drum…..nothing else added……My clothes came out cleaner than ANY load of laundry I’ve EVER washed in my lifetime!!!!!! No bleach, no fabric softener….NOTHING!!!!! I just cannot use enough explanation marks! I’m hooked, forever, can anyone tell me how much a Purex Crystals bottleful would cost to make and how many loads it holds? I’M so in love… I truly would love to hear the breakdowns. Thanks so much…HAPPY LAUNDRYING! Rita

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    I like to get the ziplock containers that the lids screw on as I fill two containers at a time and always give it alittle shake before adding the detergent to washer

    In most cases, HE detergent is no more expensive than other types of washing powders and liquids. Each container of the detergent will wash the same number of loads as the traditional formulas. Most supermarkets display HE versions of detergent alongside other detergent products. Manufacturers include a designation of “HE” on the packaging, making it easy for consumers to locate HE detergent products.