Oxymel of verdigris is stimulant, detergent, and escharotic.

Tide PODS Original Scent HE Turbo Laundry Detergent Pacs 81-load Tub


When I have a baby, I plan to use special detergent.

I always thought that liquid detergent was better since it was already disolved before adding it to washing machine with cold water (and since my washer is far for being the best one)
Hate the thought of a 5-gallon bucket in my tiny apartment.

Ashley, Congratulations!!!!! times 2!!!!
I’d be hesitant to use this for newborn diapers. My son was very sensitive to soaps as a newborn. I could only use goat’s milk soap to wash him with and chlorine free wipes or cloth reusable wipes. Anything else irritated him. I found Tide powder to be the best with the cloth diapers on newborn skin. Make sure you use half the recommended amount for the smallest load and rinse extra to get all of it out. Any other detergent I tried on newborn bottoms did not work well. Of course you can experiment. You can use this. If it works well on the newborn diapers please email me and let me know how it goes! I want any input you have. nnb1978 at charter dot net

We have tried different laundry detergents.

Container Size: 50 oz
Container Type: Bottle
Easy Reorder Eligible: Yes
Item Type: Laundry Detergent
Manufacturer Name: PHOENIX BRANDS
Manufacturer Part Number: 49558EA
Scent: Fresh
Type: Laundry Detergent

Now in a detergent! Lifts out even tough, dried-on stains!

I also like powder better because it requires no hot water and I can use a small ice cream bucket I got from my mother in-law to store a triple batch that lasts us 3-4 months instead of a giant 5 gallon bucket. The powder makes just about the same amount of detergent as well, since you use a lot less of it at once and you aren’t adding any water.

Jen, Sounds like you are doing everything right, which got me curious! So I google searched some things and I don’t know what brand of front loader you have but there was ALOT of complaints about LG front load washing machines having horrible odors and making their clothes smell. Maybe it’s the machine? Also it was mentioned that poor drainage from the washer may allow stagnant water to build and cause smells. A build-up of detergent scum (especially if one uses cold water or hard water) can be a problem, and they recommend a hot vinegar wash cycle to try and dissolve any build up that can really feed bacteria/mold growth. Here are a couple links: