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Industrial Ultrasonic DIES MOLD Cleaning For Tool Maintenance Molds for plastic
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The ultrasonic cleaning process offers many advantages for the cleaning of molds and maintenance of tooling, both technically and financially: Oil filtration system is optional to recycle the solvent and prevent the second pollution.Free parts will be sent if any quality problem within 1 year warranty. Specifications: Applications: -Industrial ultrasonic cleaner is professional for car parts washing, engine block cleaning,workshop sonic bath cleaning.Ideal to clean rust,carbon,pait,heavy oil, without damage to parts inside tank with suitable cleaning liquid. Notice: Tank size can be designed based on your requirement. FAQ: Q: What’s advantage of Skymen ultrasonic cleaner?A: Skymen ultrasonic cleaner is the best way to have thorough cleaning without damaging objects. It helps to remove stubborn dirt and dust from watch, eyeglasses, jewelry, etc, make them look new once again. It’s very safe and easy to operate, proves to be a best helping hand for you at home. Q: How often should I change the cleaning fluid in my tank?A: Changed whenever it becomes visibly too contaminated, or when the cleaning process is not as effective. Q: Why do I need to use a basket?A: Basket would help to load objects together, and get better cleaning effect. Q: Can ultrasonic cleaning damage parts?A: Although the effect of thousands of implosions per second is very powerful, the cleaning process is safe. No damage to your daily objects. Q: What about the warranty?A: 1 Year warranty for Skymen ultrasonic cleaner. If any technical problem during warranty time, replacement parts will be sent free of charge. And technical support is also available after 1 year.

The Roll Away is a clever die cleaning tool featuring a high tack roller which literally pulls the waste bits out of dies and die-cuts time and time again. The roller can be easily cleaned in cold water when it is then ready to be used again.

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This clever little die cleaning tool features a high-tack roller which pulls the waste bits out of your dies, time and time again! The nifty roller, whilst being incredibly tacky, will not leave any residue on your dies, and when it is full of waste, simply wash in clean water for 30 seconds then dry on a lint free cloth or paper towel - it will regain it's super tacky properties and will be ready to go again!