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I made the dishwasher detergent and didn’t understand completely about not adding the Citric Acid. I added it and now my container of detergent is hard as a rock!! I can hardly move it with an ice pick. What would be a solution for me??

I love your recipe! I haven’t been happy for some time with commercially available dishwasher detergent so I’ve been handwashing for nearly a year. I ran across your article and thought I’d give it a try. I didn’t have all the ingredients so I tried a slight variation. I’m thrilled!

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Just emptied my dishwasher from using DIY dishwashing detergent….AWESOME job!! I found citric acid for $2.65 a pound at my local Amish store. I used an entire cup because we have hard water, and used vinegar in the rinse. No stains, no food residue, no white particles….just clean dishes!! Thanks so much!!

I washed a load last night and ended up having to use 2 tbsp of Lemi shine. It worked great! The best part is that I added vinegar to the rinse compartment and that got rid of that weird store bought dishwashing detergent smell that’s been lurking in the dishwasher.