One Bag (3.75 lbs.) of automatic dishwasher detergent with phosphate

Bubble Bandit Dishwasher Detergent with Natural Phosphates. 2 Pack (7.5 lbs.)- ALL-IN-ONE. Eliminates limescale buildup, white film and water spots in hard water!


End Phosphates | Seventh Generation

The Handyguys have tried many different detergents. We have researched home-brew detergents and evaluated different brands. What we have found is you CAN still find dishwashing detergent with Phosphates. It just wont be at your local supermarket. You need to get it from restaurant suppliers or online. Here is a link to Amazon where you can get it online

Many dishwashing detergents use phosphates as water-softeners, but the problem with phosphates is that when they run off into the local water supply, they upset the balance of oxygen in the rivers and lakes and have the potential to kill off fish. The simple solution to this problem is simply to ban phosphates in dish soap, something .

The end of phosphates in automatic dishwasher ..

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using a phosphate-containing automatic dishwasher detergent, ..

I just switched from a La Perla Miele dishwasher (2007) to a La Perla Miele (2011). The first two or three loads of dishes I ran, I was a little disappointed. I called Miele, and they asked me to read them the label on my dishwasher powder. Sure enough....my new box of Cascade Complete said No Phosphates. I have had a Miele dishwasher, 4 of them, in the last 3 homes I have owned in the last 16 years. Miele provides quiet, flawless and super reliable cleaning. But, dishwasher detergent without Phosphates is inferior to detergent with Phosphates. This is why I still buy and use German Persil Laundry Detergent in my Miele W4842 washer. The Phosphates are LESS THAN 5%, but it makes a huge difference in cleaning!

The following 17 States have legislation in place that limits the sale of dishwasher detergent containing phosphate. If you live in one of these states, you should only purchase Bubble Bandit Dishwash