Downy Ultra Infusions Fabric Softener

Downy Ultra Infusions Lavender Serenity Liquid Fabric Softener, 120 loads, 103 fl oz


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Downy Ultra Infusion fabric softener is unique to me in several different ways. First off I have never previously used a fabric softener that claimed to infuse my clothing with silk-like texturing after each use. Of course intrigued by the statement I gave Downy Ultra infusion a try. I even threw in some of my itchiest winter sweaters to really put the fabric softener to the test. As a result somehow my clothing seems to be getting softer and softer with every single load of laundry done. I really enjoy the fact that it does not wear down my clothes or make them transparent.

I like that after folding and putting away a load of laundry my entire closet ends up being fragranced softly with the clean smell of the Downy. It is relaxing and soothing smelling the Jasmine alongside the Lily. The somewhat floral scent isn't overpowering or chemically inclined in so I end up being able to wear my perfume without clashing scents.

This downy ultra infusions fabric softener was a great addition to our clothes washing. We love this fabric softener it makes our clothes very soft and has a very wonderful scent that comes along with it. We can really notice a difference when we wash our clothes without the softener because they are left feeling rough and do not smell as nice as they do with the fabric softener used. I would also rate this performance as an eight because it is very effective in the little amount that you use for your clothes. We also love the scent and love smelling this on our clothes after they are dried and clean. I would highly reccomend this brand and scent because it is very cost effective and a great product to use for your clothes. I would also say that it is very reasonably priced because I have used this many times and it does not break the bank. It is a great addition to your washing if you want to have extra soft clothes.

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Enjoy the fresh, layered scent of Downy Botanical Mist fabric softener sheets. Just add Downy Infusions fabric softener sheets to the dryer to help fabrics feel wonderfully soft and smell delightfully fresh while fighting static cling! Don't forget to try Downy Infusions fabric softener sheets in our two other great scents!;A captivating mix of fruits and florals, balanced with a woody base Fights against pesky static cling;Infuses fabrics with softness so they feel as good as they look;Specially formulated, layered scents create a luxurious experience from wash to wear;Ultra Downy Botanical Mist Infusions fabric softener sheets keeps clothes looking and feeling amazing

Downy® Infusions® Liquid Lavender Serenity - P&G

I absolutely love love love Downy Ultra Infusions Fabric Softener!! I had tried all different kinds of fabric softeners, and there were drawbacks to each one of them - scents that I didn't like, scents that were too strong, scents that were too mild, allergic reactions for someone in our household, too expensive for my liking, etc. Then I tried Downy Ultra Infusions Fabric Softener, and I have been sold on it ever since. You can easily find deals that come around frequently on this fabric softener, making it affordable and a very good buy. The scent smells so good and it is quite mellow, so you can smell and feel the freshness but without it being too strong and overbearing. My clothes, towels, etc., it doesn't matter what's washing, they always come out fresh and clean with Downy.

I tend to use dryer sheets as I find them easy to use, and no mess. However, I received a sample sachet of Downy Ultra Infusions Fabric Softener in the mail. It is a 1 load use, and the fragrance is honey flower.

I have a washing machine that has in the center, an area to add liquid fabric softener.

I cut the top off the sachet, and this really strong, sweet smelling floral fragrance hit me. Quite overpowering when it is concentrated. I poured it into it's compartment.

I then washed the clothes, and allowed the washing machine to add the Downy. My clothes came out fine for me, but I really thought that the smell was too feminine for the guys.

It worked fine, but I personally wouldn't buy it.

All the clothes came out with the honey flower smell.

A little too much smell for me.