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Downy April Fresh Fabric Softener Dryer sheets 240 count


Downy Fabric Softener Sheets, Mountain Spring, 80 Sheets by Downy

For the longest time I've used bounce. Doing laundry with family, I tried Downy fabric softener sheets and have come to love the smell.

It's no wonder that this product has perfect 5 stars by everyone! The scent can be too strong, but I can't tell if that is from the detergent too (I use cheer, tide, method). However, using one sheet instead of two or three could also be the difference maker.

For me, I've found that the clothes feel fresh and clean. They also come out incredibly soft. And there use to be static when I did laundry before but there's no static now.

A lot of people favor the downy liquid softener but I have always been one to use dryer sheets so this is all I know. From all the brands I've tried I like this best!

Enjoy the fresh, layered scent of Downy Botanical Mist fabric softener sheets. Just add Downy Infusions fabric softener sheets to the dryer to help fabrics feel wonderfully soft and smell delightfully fresh while fighting static cling. Don't forget to try Downy Infusions fabric softener sheets in our two other great scents.

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    Every load of laundry I do I have to use Downy Fabric Softener Sheets otherwise clothes just don't feel/smell like they do when I use the dryer sheets. My family has sensetive skin so i thought I was doomed to non scented dryer sheets however I have been using Downy dryer sheets since my daughter was bornand she nor my husband has broke out once. They make your clothes and sheets smell amazing. Out of the dryer smell all month long.

    The free and sensitive variety of Downy liquid fabric softener contains these same ingredients with the exception of fragrance and color tinting. Other Downy fabric softeners containing the same ingredients as Ultra Downy are Downy Infusions, Downy Simple Pleasures and Ultra Downy Pure Essentials. Downy fabric softener dryer sheets contain fewer and different ingredients. In addition to fragrance, dryer sheets contain clay, which acts as a rheology modifier; polyester substrate, which serves as a carrier; and two softening agents, fatty acid and dipalmitoylethyl hydroxyethylmonium methosulfate, which also serves as an anti-static agent.