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Please keep in mind that the above are only a few possible dangers of caustic drain cleaners.
In many cases, Chemical drain cleaners unclog the drains than the drain cleaning tools, chemical drain cleaners are often used on drains where the drain system is not let the drain to pass and are fully stopped.

High-pressure water jetter. Another essential and in fact invaluable drain cleaning tool for plumbers is high pressure water jetter. With serious clogs standard detergents and chemicals may not work, and for such cases the jetter is used by most North York drain service professionals. With the help of it the expert plumbers go far deep into a sewer or drain line in order to check the problem and clean it. Most ‘equipped; plumbing service companies in North York have special removable cutting blades at their jetters. These blades cut through any in-pipe tree or shrub roots and can basically clean any possible clog.

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Cobra® Zip-It® Drain Cleaning Tool "Pkg Of 6" - Use For Sinks, Showers And Tubs - Fast And Easy Way To Clear Clogged And Slow-Running Drains - No Chemicals Required

Don’t look off-shore for DIY Drain Cleaning Tools. You can find top quality drain cleaning tools made right here in the USA by General Pipe Cleaners. In business since 1930, we are a third generation family owned company that manufactures a full line of drain cleaning tools designed for the do it yourself market, including drain augers, drum augers, toilet augers, flat sewer rods, and inexpensive power drain cleaners for the home handyman. General snakes and components are made of high quality steel, making them the most durable in the industry. All are presented in attractive full color packaging with instructions in English, Spanish, and French. Proudly made in the USA. This web page will help you choose the tool you need to solve your clogged drain problem. For more information, contact the Drain Brains® at General.