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Dreft Stage 1: Newborn Liquid Laundry Detergent (HE), 150 oz, 96 loads


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Last year, Dreft unveiled the life stages product line-up designed for the unique needs of baby at every age. Dreft Newborn laundry detergent helps expecting and new parents gently wash their baby’s clothes. Then as little one starts eating solid foods and getting into more messes Dreft Active Baby detergent helps remove 99 percent of baby food stains and other outdoor messes. Lastly, Dreft Blissfuls scent beads help that amazing Dreft scent last even longer on clothing.

I bought this laundry detergent for my newborn because it has been trusted by my sister for years for her babies.

She recommended it to me to use with my newborn because it worked for her children's sensitive skin.

I bought my bottle at Walmart for about $18 for the 100 FL OZ bottle. It is the largest bottle they sold which does 64 small loads. I used the liquid detergent for regular washers, not the HE.

The cost was quite a bit higher compared to other baby laundry detergent from other brands. However, on the front of the bottle it says "#1 choice of pediatricians" which made me feel more comfortable buying Dreft baby detergent for my newborn.

It smells like fresh baby powder.

After washing, drying and sitting in the dresser for a few days I could still smell this scent on the clothes. I was surprised because it was just from washing them with this detergent and nothing else.

I looked at a couple stores for Dreft dryer sheets but could not find them so I just bought scent free sensitive skin ones.

I like that you can smell this fresh scent days later but it is not too strong.

This detergent works great for getting out odors and even washed stains out of her clothes.

It is also great for babies with sensitive skin because of the gentle formula.

I love that it is not watered down soap like most brands. I highly recommend Dreft baby detergent for children especially newborns.

Michelle, thanks for your review.

I did a little research for you and I do not believe Dreft currently makes dryer sheets which is why you couldn't find them. Perhaps they should though.

I am also interested in other people's opinions about this laundry detergent. You can , or read other reviews already submitted.

In addition, I would love to hear your reviews of other laundry detergents too. You can .

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