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I recently had statuarietto marble countertops installed in my kitchen. I did a lot of research on marble counters in the kitchen and was well aware of its porous nature and the potential to stain/etch a lot. My husband and I decided we were ok with this and after falling in love with a slab we moved forward. We had it installed, honed and were told it was sealed. A few weeks after installing when we were unpacking our kitchen I had a wooden serving plank sitting on the counter. It was on the counter for about 2 days before I took it off to find a large stain underneath it. I (and my countertop fabricator) assume it is from the oil treatment on the wooden plank. I had intended to use this and a few other breadboards I have to help "protect" the marble from potential stains. None of the other boards caused a problem. It was not wet and did not have anything heavy on top of it. I reached out to the store the plank was from and they confirmed the only thing they could think of causing this was the food safe cutting board oil treatment, but they had never heard of this happening before. I have tried 2 rounds of using a baking soda paste and then used a DuPont oil stain remover once (upon recommendation from my fabricator). I am curious to know if anyone 1) has had this or something similar happen/seen anything like this 2) knows how to treat 3) thinks that our marble was correctly sealed and if it was not could that be why this happened?

A: Try DuPont Oil Stain Remover, or make a paste with Ajax, Zud, Bon Ami or Comet mixed with 35 percent hydrogen peroxide (not available in drugstores or supermarkets; you can get it at a pool supply store). Cover the poultice with plastic wrap overnight and repeat if needed. Remove the poultice and clean the treated area.

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    Tia D,

    We're having the same problem. Have a darker Kashmir Gold granite countertop. Contractor left WD40 can for a few minutes on the counter. We got an ugly dark stain after 1 week. DuPont Oil Stain Remover took that stain out; you don't even know it was there.

    But we have another problem now! We have a ring around the area where the poultice was applied. We waited 1 week since removing the dried up poultice, but the ring is still there. It's fairly faint, but still there.

    We even applied the Dupont mix over the ring area. Now we have a bigger ring around the area we applied the poultice to the second time.

    Any ideas?