Eco Egg Eco Stain Remover 135ml

Ecover Natural Plant-based Stain Remover, 6.8 ounce


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Top performers: B&N Laundry Stain Stick and Ecover Stain Remover. Why? Both products involve scrubbing. The Ecover product has a built-in brush and the B&N Laundry Stick has a felted end which they jokingly but appropriately call the “magic eraser” for laundry.

Even though the eco stain remover contains no harsh chemicals - you don't have to compromise on performance. This little tube really packs a punch on stains, whilst being gentle on your clothes

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  • Eco Zone Eco Stain Remover ideal for Organic Baby Clothes
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    Ecogreen Stain Remover is a simple, effective and economical way to effortlessly cut through grease, dirt and grime on surfaces.

    Made from chlorine-free highly bio-degradeable ingredients this eco stain remover is highly effective in removing wine, grass, coffee and ketchup stains.