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The fabric softener sheet dispenser is located in the dryer door. At the top part of the door there is a filling compartment, the new rolls are installed in the filling door that can be opened or closed with easy access to the rolls. After installing a new roll you must feed the roll into the inlet. The roll now enters the mechanism that will dispense a single sheet into the drying chamber. The roll will be unravelled automatically as the two motors with (belt drive) turn the sheet rollers in a single revolution. In return another belt will pull the sheet through to the bottom of the door. (Allowing a single sheet to be dispensed.) The dispenser will then advance a sheet through the outlet meanwhile being cut by a cutting blade and set free into the drying chamber.

The Invention of a Fabric Softener sheet dispenser for an electric or gas automatic Clothing Dryer that dispenses a single sheet of Fabric directly into the Dryer chamber. A mechanism advances the rolled sheet of Fabric Softener and releases a sheet so that an Individual will not have to do perform this task manually.

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The fabric softener sheet dispenser is a clean and mess free device. With the fabric softener sheet dispenser, an individual only must renew the roll once a month or when running out, with a mess free softener environment.

In the past many devices for drying clothes have been designed U.S. Pat. Nos. 3,267,701, 4,647,908, 4,891,890, 4,934,563, 5,020,240, 5,040,311, 5,193,670 are all patent numbers that pertain to adding clothes with said liquid elements and sprays. The invention for a fabric softener sheet dispenser is different from all other known patents.