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My facial hair turned gold after bleaching my face.

While the face may be fraught with sensitivities, face bleaching cream generally does not have as high a concentration of active ingredients. Therefore, those with particularly sensitive skin may opt to choose to use face bleaching cream on other sensitive areas. Depending on the area the face bleaching cream is applied, this could be beneficial or harmful. In short, any skin bleaching product should be used with great caution, whether used on sensitive areas or on more rugged patches of skin.

Face bleaching cream options on the market today are some of the highest selling skin lightening products. That can be attributed to the face being the first, most prominent human feature. Naturally, those that want a lighter appearance for their complexion generally focus on their face first, investing in all varieties of to find the best product. In some aspect, this can be a good thing because a reaction to face bleaching cream will result in a particular product not being used on other areas. In short, if a face bleaching cream, since it is applied to a very sensitive area, does not produce a reaction then it is normally safe to assume it could be used elsewhere on the body.

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    When shopping or considering face bleaching cream options, you must understand that this skin is far more sensitive than other areas. No matter what face bleaching cream you choose, for example, you should avoid the eye area to prevent irritation in or around your eyes. Similarly, you should keep your face bleaching cream away from nostrils and lips to prevent internal absorption or ingestion of harmful chemicals or compounds. These areas are not only more sensitive to irritants, but are also in danger of absorbing compounds into the blood stream through mucus membranes. As such, face bleaching cream users should take care to avoid those facial areas.

    Sensitive areas of skin, such as the face, require a slightly different approach in terms of skin lightening products. Most face bleaching cream applications have either a lower concentration of the active ingredients, or have additional compounds added to reduce skin irritation. The process of skin bleaching is notorious for causing skin irritation no matter what product or active ingredient is use. Therefore, face bleaching cream should have either less irritants or a method to counteract skin irritation. Standard skin bleaching products do not necessarily make good Face Bleaching Cream.