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Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles With Bleach Spray - 32 oz - 2 pk


Fantastik - Fantastik with Bleach, 650 ml

I get the best results when I spray it on the tile, wet the scrubber end of a sponge that has a scrubber on one side of it and then wipe it clean using the scrubber and a little "elbow grease!" Do this as many times as you need to; if you haven't cleaned the tile (or anything else you want to use this for cleaning) in a while you may need to repeat this process every day for two or three weeks--yes, it's a chore but you'll get excellent results using Fantastik with bleach. My tub and shower tile look like new again!

Interestingly, it seems Fantastik has been immune to the Grocery Shrink Ray–the 1967 bottle contains 28 fluid ounces of cleaner, and today’s Fantastik with Bleach bottle contains 32.

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Fantastic With Bleach is Fantastic

Soak the sink in a multipurpose cleaner that contains bleach, such as Fantastik Bleach or OxiClean, for tough stains or more shine. Fill sink with water and mix cleaner; follow cleaning instructions on the cleaning product for proper amount.

Fantastik with Bleach Spray Cleaner can clean every part of your house, be it bathrooms or kitchen and even has the ability to clean your lawn furniture. Your house becomes cleaner, looks beautiful and smells great with a refreshing scent.