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Every 6 months or so, I had to clean the plumbing from stones that come from the dishwasher. I use Finish detergent powder. I think now that the problem is from the powder. They are like soft stones in the piping.

I am using the Finish Powerball detergent and I notice there is a white, grease-like substance on my dishes and cutlery. You can smudge it off with your finger. Sometimes they form very small balls, but these won't come off unless you really rub them off. These are greasy as well.

We have been using Finish dishwasher detergent recently

  • When you've finished applying detergent, disengage the detergent supply. Set the pressure washer to the spray pattern appropriate for the surface you're cleaning and activate the spray to clear any residual detergent from of the system.
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    I used Finish dishwasher detergent. I kept them in a cool dry area. Almost half of them still stuck together and leaked everywhere in the container. The ones I could use I always ended up with residue on all my glasses. I have a brand new dishwasher that I used vinegar with. I've used vinegar and baking soda. I've done empty loads with vinegar to see if maybe it was just bad luck on build up and still had the same results of white film on all my dishes and baby bottles and couldn't even wipe it off with a dish towel or my fingers. So I had to toss all my bottles and dishes away and buy new ones.

    I went online to see if I could find any reviews by others who have had this problem and found several on this website. I was glad to find the answers to this mystery but I am very angry about the product and the extensive damage it could have caused with my dishwasher and my plumbing! Not to mention the fact that had I called a plumber to clean it out, it would have cost me a small fortune! I have finally finished cleaning the entire machine and put it back together. What a job! I just added a gallon of vinegar to my dishwasher and I'm running it through a long cycle to hopefully clean out the parts that I could not reach during the cleaning. I guarantee that I will never use Finish DW Detergent again! I will be telling everyone I can about this terrible product and my horrific experience. I only wish I had checked the product out before I used it. But I foolishly thought I could trust the manufacturer to produce a product that wasn't going to ruin my machine or cause me hours of work to clean it out. Thank you for having a website like this to access!